A Rectangular Shaped Tile With Moulded Decoration, Depicting A Young Falconer on Horseback Hunting in The Forest, Glazed Fritware, Tehran or Isfahan, The Qajar Dynasty Persia, 1870s AD.

Identification Number: 558


This beautiful rectangular shaped moulded pottery tile is finely underglaze polychrome painted depicting the ancient art of horseback falconry.

The beautiful tile is been painted with various vibrant stable colours on white grounds. The general view is depicting a young youth on his horseback with a falcon perched on his hand hunting falcon in a landscape showing from the distance beautiful monuments and potentially Royal buildings amidst beautiful natural landscape with plenty of vegetation, floral designs and clouds.

The tile’s top is decorated on white ground border with meandering vine and blossoming stems with perching birds around.


35.5 cm * 27.5 cm.
The thickness of the tile is 2 cm.


Very good, Little old glazing cracklings.


The European Art Market.


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