Second Quarter June, July, August 2022

  • An Extremely Rare & Important Large Silver Betel Nut Container (Karaih) In The Form of a Large Watermelon, Decorated With Bold Blossoming Lotus Flowers, The Item is Repeatedly Marked With the Dutch Duty Mark of The Crowned Letter V For Foreign Silver, Probably Batavia (Jakarta), Indonesia, Circa 1700 AD.

  • Batavian Silver, An Extremely Rare Silver Betel Nut Leaves Holder (Bunga,Tepak Sirih) Decorated With Bold Blossoming Lotus Flowers, Batavia, Indonesia, early 17 Century

  • Malay Silver, A Monumental Repoussed and Engraved Alloy Silver Tray, Riau- Archipelago (Sumatra), Indonesia, Dated 1235 AH- 1819 AD

  • Brunei Rice Measure (Gantang), A Close Pair of Large Brass Rice Measures, South East Asia- The Sultanate of Brunei, Dated 1237AH

  • A Rare Traditional Muslim Women’s Prayer Space Wooden Partition Screen or Room Divider (Tirai) Usually Used In Mosques, Beautifully Carved With Typical Malay Motifs, Polychromed and Gilded, Probably Kelantan-Malaysia, Circa late 1800s.

    Arts of the Malay World