What Type of Indian Art for Sale Is Right for Your Home or Collection

What Variety of Indian Art For Sale Is Right for Your Home or Collection? Collectors and home décor enthusiasts alike are looking East for a unique artifacts. India is a culturally and historically rich country with a diverse artistic heritage…

What Variety of Indian Art For Sale Is Right for Your Home or Collection?
Collectors and home décor enthusiasts alike are looking East for a unique artifacts. India is a culturally and historically rich country with a diverse artistic heritage.

The Selection of Indian Art for Sale
Indian art varies from museum pieces dating from the time of the maharajas to decorative items made during the era of the British Empire to Bollywood posters and contemporary Indian paintings. If you are looking for Indian art for sale, you may find items in auctions, galleries or from knowledgeable salespeople who can verify the authenticity of pieces and give you information on the history of the artwork. Indian art spans a wide range of cultures, regions and eras, and it is worth doing research before you make a purchase. Whether you are in the market for Hindu, Islamic or Colonial-themed work or for contemporary creations, be specific and thorough in your browsing to find the item you are searching for.

A Rich Tapestry
Given the vast geography, diverse cultures and complex history of India, its art styles vary significantly. Well-known examples of Indian art include miniature paintings from the Mughal period to gold threaded Zardozi tapestries. Many people imagine decorative bronze bowls with intricate engravings or fragrant sandalwood boxes with ivory and mother of pearl overlays as prime examples of antique Indian art for sale. Many Indian art items from ancient periods through the end of the Mughal empire and the beginning of the Colonial era are found in museums. These may include howdahs that carried the maharajas and their ranis on elephants. The howdahs had wooden frames covered with silver and velvet highlights. In museums, you may also see jewelry from that period, often made of huge gemstones with a gold settings. Colonial period art includes decorative objects such as matchboxes and chess boards made by silversmiths of English colonials.

Indian Silver
Indian Art for Sale: Silver Water Bottle
The areas in India traditionally known for silversmithing include Lucknow, Madras, Calcutta, Kashmir, Kutch and other areas. A commonly found design for silver Indian art for sale is the intricate repousse design with finely detailed images of animals, flora and fauna or Hindu deities. Some of the themes are typical of specific regions, for instance, a fish motif at the border was popular in Lucknow. Most of the silver items are designed for functional use in the form of water bottles, trays, bowls and tea sets. The silver items often feature natural themes or hunting scenes with objects drawn in stunning detail, down to the tiny lines on a bird’s feathers. Some of the scenes contain hunting parties with foxes and dogs alongside elephants and lions.

Decorative BoxesDecorative boxes are popular items wherever you can find Indian art for sale. Some Indian boxes are have a simple design and are made out of fragrant woods, such as sandalwood, while others have intricately engraved inlays with nature scenes or deities in a visual narrative. Other boxes have mother of pearl or ivory highlights to create patterns or designs, while other boxes have a wooden interior and a veneer made of ivory. On some boxes the ivory veneer contains complex carvings and on others, it is entirely smooth. Some have ridges and subtle highlights, such as decorative knobs.

Rare and Ceremonial Items
Indian art for sale often has engraved items featuring animals and natural scenes
Often rare and ceremonial items aren’t so commonly seen where you can find Indian art for sale, but for determined collectors, there can be some valuable finds. It is possible to get your hands on items dating back before the Raj to the 17th and 18th century, some of which were used in traditional ceremonies. The double-headed eagle is a symbol that exists in many civilizations, and it is often a symbol of fertility and royalty. The double-headed bird image appears in furniture from Goa. Often the eagle is lacquered, polychrome, gilded and appears on a piece of furniture, such as a chair. It could also represent the mystical bird of Gandabherunda and appears on the state of Karnataka India. While there is doubt the double-headed eagle symbol originated in India and might have been brought by Portuguese traders from other countries, the double-headed bird became such a popular motif that it is identified with antique Indian furniture.
If you search in places that have Indian art for sale, you may find classic Indian screens. It is possible to find some dating from the Mughal period which have the classic ornamental Jali design with motifs of flora, fauna or geometrical patterns. You may also find 18th century India sculpture from Mysore, which was famous for its figures of gods, goddesses, animals and men and women. Ivory was a popular material for making these sculptures, but wood and stone was also used. Indian artifact enthusiasts may also enjoy locating plaques depicting inlaid scenes. You may find an inlaid scene of men taking elephants logging. The striking contrast between the elephants, the men and the trees and the background make the realistic scene come alive.

Decorative Weapons
Traditional weapons in India were also accessories and represented the wealth and might of the wearer. You might find swords, daggers, shields and scabbards where you find Indian art for sale. An unusual piece is a double-edge twisted steel dagger with a bronze mythical creature called a Yali at the hilt. The Yali grins with wide jaws with a feeling of glee and power. You may also be fortunate enough to locate a 17th century bronze sword hilt with a mythical lion licking its tail. In India, the lion is traditionally associated with strength and royalty. You may also find helmets or a lacquered hide shield from with a golden crescent and stars.
Whether it is in an antique store or a collector’s gallery, you can find a variety of Indian art for sale if you do research and know where to look. You may find some 17th century pieces in good condition for display in your home. Many of these pieces were made of high-quality materials and have stood the test of time with durable beauty even after centuries have passed. Ensure the authenticity of your purchases by getting expert advice on selecting antiques and Indian art.