East Meets West as Indian Contemporary Art Expands the Boundaries of Imagination

Contemporary Indian art is popular on the world stage and has spawned its original talents and cutting edge genres. Many contemporary Indian art works combine ancient themes with modern sensibilities...

Indian and Islamic Antiques for Sale in the UK For Collectors And Everyone Else

You don’t have to be a collector to love Indian paintings or decorative boxes from 17th century Persia. Look for experts who can help you find the artifact you are looking for...

Indian Art Paintings From Mughal Miniatures to Pseudorealism

Indian painting began with murals on caves, illuminations on manuscripts, evolved to miniatures, and is a force in the global art world today...

Indian Modern Art

Indian Modern art is becoming a popular feature in museums, auctions and galleries. Look for a cubist or surrealist painting or drawing or a unique sculpture for your home or collection...

Indian Silver

India's rich, cultural heritage and strong sense of design is hugely characteristic in the world of Indian art and antiques.

Ottoman Antiques for Sale in the UK: Classic, Historic Items to Look For

Ottoman antiques for sale in the UK often have distinctive, intricate, colorful patterns and bold colors. You may even find Ottoman antiques for sale in the UK from the 16th or 17th centuries.

Persian Silver

Silver of the Achaemenid & Sassanid Empires:

What Type of Indian Art for Sale Is Right for Your Home or Collection

What Variety of Indian Art For Sale Is Right for Your Home or Collection? Collectors and home décor enthusiasts alike are looking East for a unique artifacts. India is a culturally and historically rich country with a diverse artistic heritage...

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