A Nasrid Dynasty or Post Nasrid Taracea or Tarsi (ترصيع) or inlaed X Shaped Walnut Wooden Folding Hip Chair or (Sillas De Caderas), Probably Granada-Spain, Circa 16th-19th Century.

Identification Number: 594


Our Current rare Nasrid or Post Nasrid dynasty Taracea or Tarsi  (ترصيع)or inlay X shaped walnut wooden folding hip chair or (Sillas De Caderas), is inlaid with Micro-Mosaic and Parquetry Woodwork, Bone and Ivory and potentially was made during the post Nasrid dynasty in Granada-Spain, for it resembles a similar chair which belongs to the Valencia Institute of Don Jan in Madrid-Spain for more details please see our references below.

The general chair’s frame is of an X shape with curved and scrolled arms resting on splayed leather stretcher and backrest, the overall wooden surface of the chair is profusely inlaid with parquetry woodwork of various boxwood and other wooden materials, the borders of the wooden frame are decorated with straight ribbons of alternating triangles, the visible parts of the wooden frame including the scrolled shaped hand rests and the large central point of the x shaped frame are decorated with roundel or with round shaped cartouche and inlaid with parquetry woodwork and with finely thin cut pieces of bone and ivory in the form of overlapping squares, also the large central roundel is surrounded by further four smaller roundels decorated with waterwheels feature, the other areas are also decorated with additional roundels of solely parquetry woodwork and the inside decorations are featuring geometrical knots and hexagonal shapes with intertwined eight-pointed stars.

Also, the non-visible frame parts of the chair are solely decorated with parquetry woodwork in the form of various geometrical motives such as rhombic, chevron, hexagonal shapes including the eight-pointed staler motives.


Registration of an item with ivory content: Submission reference: EEMVC9AL


The maximum height is 94cm.
The maximum width is 64.2cm.
The depth is 48cm.


Very good, the original leather starcher and backrest are both been replaced with a later fine antique Moroccan leather, the leather parts are being fitted with stylised brass flower shaped studs or pins.


Western Art Market.


For other related X Shaped Wooden Folding Hip Chair or (Sillas De Caderas) examples please see the following:

1-El Mubel En Espana Siglos XVI-XVII, Spanish furniture from the 16th-17th century by Maria Paz Agulio Alonso, Madrid-Spain, 1993, ISBN: 84-86508-32-0., Please see the almost identical hip chair which belongs to the Valencia Institute of Don Jan in Madrid-Spain, lot no 305 illustrated on page 349 for other related examples please see lot nos. 303, 304, 306, 307, 308 & 309 illustrated on pages 348-351.

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