Antique Indian Silver, An Important Historical Silver Scroll Container & A Royal Gift That Was Probably Presented To The Late Ruler Or The 6th Nizam Of Hyderabad (Asaf Jah VI Mir Mahboob Ali Khan Siddiqi) On The Occasion Of His Fortieth Birthday, Hyderabad, India

Identification Number: 282


Hyderabad was previously a princely state in India.

The complete title of the Nizam of Hyderabad was Nizam ul-Mulk (the governor of the land) and was abbreviated to the Nizam (Order), The Nizam was the native sovereign of the Hyderabad State that was originally founded by Qamaruddin Khan, Asef Jah I, in 1720 AD.

Seven Nizams had ruled Hyderabad for nearly two centuries, until the Indian independence in 1947.

Although the scroll does not clearly bear the Nizam’s name, it contains praises and poem to describe the Nizam, but the English presentation on the scroll holder which states the following:

His Highness The Nizam’s Fortieth Birthday 1905

The engraving on the scroll clearly indicates that the scroll was given to the Nizam of Hyderabad as a gift on the occasion of his fortieth birthday in 1905 AD.

In 1905 the ruling Nizam at that time was The Nizam Asaf Jah VI Mir Mahboob Ali Khan Siddiqi who reigned between (1869-1911).

The simple and plane body of the scroll holder is fitted with additional decorative element comprising a miniature emblem of two crossed swords and a shield as a representation of power and strength.


It’s worth mentioning that the USA Time magazine, in it’s February 22, 1937 issue, had considered the Nizam Ali as The Richest Man in The World.





32 cm long.
23 cm the distance between the scroll holder and the hanging chain.


Condition: Excellent.
The presentation scroll paper is missing.


The European Art Market.

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