Armenian Silver, An Exceptionally Fine Engraved Silver Panel Depicting The Battle Of Ani Took Place In 1042, Probably Was Made In The Lake Van Region (Vaspurakan) or Can be Attributed to the Armenian Master Odis Hakobian known as (Avo), Tehran-Iran, 20th. Century.

Identification Number: 400


This beautifully and neatly engraved piece was made by an Armenian silversmith master to commemorate the battle of Ani in 1042 AD.

The battle of Ani was fought between the Armenian warriors and Byzantine army.

The battle of Ani was led by Armenian army commander Vahram Pahlavouni (born 965 AD-Died 1045 AD.).

The Byzantine Empire was defeated in that battle and 20000 of their soldiers were killed.

The imaginary sketch of the battle near the fortress of Ani was originally depicted by the Italian artist Giuliano Zasso (born in Castellavazzo-Italy in 1833 AD, died in Venice-Italy 1889 AD.).






18.5cm. the width * 15cm. the height.


Condition: Excellent, The item is stamped with  a Later Early 20th. Century Russian Silver Stamped Marks.


The European Art Market.



For similar fine and beautifully engraved pieces from Armenian silversmith masters from Van with geometrical borders similar to our item please see Osep Tokat, Armenian Master Silversmiths, Los Angeles, 2005, please see illustrations on pages 39, 91, 95, 96, 201 for other fine engraved items please see lots illustrated on pages 28.

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