Close Pair of Iznik Style Dome of The Rock Tiles, The Ottoman Empire,1570-90 AD.

Identification Number: 562


Dome of The Rock Tiles, A Rare & Elaborate Close Pair of Iznik Style Tiles Underglaze Polychrome Painted in Cobalt Blue, Turquoise, & Black on White Fritware Grounds Decorated With Split Palmette Designs Incorporating the Chinese Cloud Pattern or the Ottoman (Hatayi) Decoration, Probably Damascus or Aleppo, Ottoman-Syria, Circa 1570-90 AD.

Both tiles of a square form and are similarly decorated with entwining split-palmettes and tulips, but the central part of each tile is differently decorated.

The central part of the smaller tile is decorated with a blooming flower inside an octagonal shaped star.

Where as the central part of the other larger tile is decorated with a small blooming flower surrounded by an eight-palmette motif in the form of a star altogether inside a larger octagonal shaped star.


The dimensions of the slightly larger tile are: 27cm & 26.7 cm.

The dimensions of the slightly smaller tile are: 25.8 cm & 25.7 cm.

The thickness of the tiles is approximately 1.5 cm & 1.6 cm.


very good, minor cracks and kiln marks, later small repair can be found on the upper left hand side of the larger tile also a later chip reaper can be found on the tile edge.


The European Art Market.


For almost identical decoration and designs, please see Damascus tiles, by Arthur Millner, Mamluk & Ottoman Architectural Ceramics From Syria, Prestel, Munich-London-New York.

Please see Fig.6.73, 6.74 & 6.76 illustrated on pages 274-275.

For similar Hatayi Decoration please see
IZNIK, The Artistry of Ottoman Ceramics, by Walter B. Denny, Thames & Hudson, 2004, ISBN: 978-0-500-51788-8.

The ottoman-Iznik tiles at the Mausoleum of Murad III, Istanbul, Circa 1600. Catalogued on page 112-113.

Please also see the similar sold pair of Damascus tiles, Sotheby’s Auction House, Arts of the Islamic World, London 20th. of April 2015, sold lot No. 195.

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