A Fine Damascus Underglazed Polychrome Tile Decorated with Lobed Roundel & Various Ottoman Motifs, Tulips, Carnation Flowers and Tiger Stripe and Spot or Clouds Motifs, The Ottoman Empire Damascus-Syria, Circa 1580-1600 AD.

Identification Number: 543


Our present lot is of a square shape, painted in underglaze cobalt blue, turquoise, sage green, manganese or aubergine and black against white ground, decorated with tulip designs, carnations, roses and other flowers amidst lobed roundel.
The tile is fitted with a later 19th. century European wooden frame.





Square shaped, 26 cm by 26 cm across.
Thickness: 2.5cm.


Condition: Very good, The Tile glazing is crackled.


the European Art Market.


For almost identical tile but without the clouds design, please see Bonhams Auction House in London-Bond Street, Islamic & Indian Art sale, on the 23th. of May 2023, Please see sold lot identification Number 64.

For further discussion please see our following lot identification numbers 91 & 92.



Also For similar style, please see Damascus Tiles, Mamluk and Ottoman Architectural ceramics from Syria, by Arthur Millner, Prestel, 2015, ISBN: 978-37913-8147-3,
For an identical tile please see figure 6.70 catalogued on page 273.

For other related tiles please see figures 4.90, -4.93 illustrated on pages 194-195 and figures 6.66-6.77 illustrated on pages 272-273.

For other identical tiles, please see Damascus tiles at the Victoria & Albert Museum, lot accession No. 492-1900 also for other similar style please see lot No. 438-1900.

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