A Large Square Shaped Multan Pottery Tile, Underglaze Painted in White on Cobalt Blue and Turquoise, Multan-Punjab, Sindh, Currently Pakistan, Circa 19th. Century.

Identification Number: 557


This rare and intact of a square form underglaze painted in white on cobalt blue and turquoise, The central part is decorated with a rosette amidst star motifs.


The tile has repeated numbers of 12 & 71, potentially it is representing the date of production, which might be 1271 AH. Equaling to 1854 AD.


33 cm by 33 cm across.
The thickness of the tile is 4 cm


Very good, old glazing cracklings.


A European Auction House.


Tale of the Tile, the ceramic Tradition of Pakistan, by Abdul Hamid Akhund, Nasreen Askari
For a Similarly decorated tile please see the Mausoleum of Shah Rukn e Alam, Figure 139.

Also please see the similar star shaped decoration on the upper level of the tomb of Sultan Ali Akbar’s mother built in The Multan Area during the 16th. Century,
please see figures 259, 160 & 261 illustrated on pages 160 & 161.

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