An Ottoman Parcel-Gilt Silver Scribe’s Pen-Box And Ink-well (Divit), (مقلمة مع محبرة فضة عثمانية ), Marked With The Tugrah OF Sultan Abdulaziz (Abdul Aziz), The Ottoman Provinces, Probably Cairo-Egypt And Istanbul-Turkey, 19th. Century.

Identification Number: 445


The Divit had been decorated with bold inscriptions with Arabic letters, the word Sultan is very clear and noticeable, also the item is all over engraved with various Arabesque and floral designs.




24.6 cm long.
4.5 cm the height of the inkwell.


Very good, The Divit has the three predominant silver marks of the period, the Sultan’s Tugrah, the Sah (an Arabic word for correct) and probably Istanbul assay office zigzag Mark, traces of gildings, minor wear and tear.


The UK Art Market.



For similar Ottoman (Turkish), Divit and inkwell silver marks please see
Ottoman Silver Marks by Garo Kurkman, pages 104, 108, the imperial Tugrah on silverware, pages 40-47, for similar Divit lots catalogued on pages 74-85 and 203 (the Tugrah of Sultan Abudaziz).

For another similar shaped Divit please see, Splendors of the Ottoman Sultans, By Dr. Nurhan Atasoy, Istanbul University, 1992, please see page 151.

For another similar lot please see, Lines in Gold, Ottoman Caligraphy, from the Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul, Real Academia de Bellas Artes De San Fernando, exhibition from the 11 December, 2007 to the 2nd. March 2008, please see pages 47-49.

For another similar Divit, please see Traces of the Calligrapher, Islamic Calligraphy In Practice, C1600- 1900, BY Mary McWilliams, and David LJ. Roxburgh, The Museum Of Fine Arts, Houston, USA.
Please see figure 42 catalogued in page 60.

For a similar decorated Divit with the Tughra of Sultan Abd Al-Aziz, please see sold Divit at Sotheby’s Art of the Islamic World, date 15th October 2003, lot Number 70.

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