November 2014

  • A Rare Hispano-Colonial, (Probably Mexican) Tortoiseshell and Silver Casket, Late 16th. Early 17th. Century.

  • Batavian Silver, An Extremely Rare Silver Betel Nut Leaves Holder (Bunga,Tepak Sirih) probably Batavia, Indonesia, early 17 Century.

  • Mughal Dynasty Parcel-Gilt Silver Tiara or Head Ornament (Taj or Gan-ga-jamni), Lucknow, North India & The Mughal Capitals, Circa 1780

    Mughal Art

  • A Vienna Porcelain Collection Made For The Ottoman Wealthy Elite, Vienna, Austria Circa 1795 -1799

    Orientalist Art

  • Armenian Art, A Rare and Beautiful Armenian Repousse Silver Incense Burner, 18TH. -19TH. Century.

    Armenian Art