May 2019

  • Armenian Silver, An Exceptionally Fine Engraved Silver Panel Depicting The Battle Of Ani Took Place In 1042, Probably Was Made In The Lake Van Region (Vaspurakan) or Can be Attributed to the Armenian Master Odis Hakobian known as (Avo), Tehran-Iran, 20th. Century.

  • Armenian Silver, A Rare Repousse Silver Fragment Depicting A Seated King Holding A Mace, The Base Is Inscribed With The Armenian Name Translated to (Judah Or Huta) Probably Constantinople or Antelias-Lebonan or The Kingdom of Cilicia, 18th. Century or Ear

  • Armenian Van Silver, A fine Armenian Nielloed Silver Engagement Ring Purse Decorated With Elegant Floral Designs, Marked With Van (فان) , Ottoman Armenia, 19th Century.

  • An Armenian Silver Nielloed Lidded Goblet Marked With, Van (فان), Van 90, And Turshian تورشيان, Ottoman Armenia, 19th century.