Colonial Art

  • A Rare Unmarked Large Pair of Ottoman Engraved Silver Candlesticks (Samdanilari or Samsdani), Probably Istanbul-Turkey circa 1800s AD.

  • An Important Ottoman Mirror, Probably was Commissioned for a Prominent French Individual, Circa 19th. Century.

  • Nasrid Dynasty Revival Furniture, A Fine Wooden Hispao-Moresque Cylinder Writing Roll-Top Bureau and Cabinet Fitted on a Matching Drawers Stand Inlaid with Bone, Ivory & Parquetry Wood Work, Decorated with Geometrical Designs, Probably Granada-Spain Circa Late 19th Early 20th.. Century.

  • Colonial Hispano-South America, A Rare Polychrome Painted With Barniz De Pasto (Varnished Resin of Mopa-Mopa Tree) Domed Shape Wooden Chest With Iron Hinges & Padlock Hasp, Pasto-Colombia, Circa 17th. Century.

  • Dutch Colonial, A Fine Batavian Tortoiseshell Betel Box Or (Sirih) Casket With Silver Mounts, Batavia (Jakarta), (Dutch East Indies) Indonesia, Circa -1759-1800 AD.

  • A Macassar Ebony Book Shaped Bible Box Fitted With Silver Mounts For The Dutch Market, Galle District, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), 18TH-19TH Century.

  • Artifacts of The VOC & The Dutch East-Indies, An Important & Historical Small Filigree Silver Dish With Enamelled Central medallion, Padang-West Sumatra & Batavia (Jakarta)-Indonesia, Dated 1686 AD.

  • A Close Pair Octagonal Shaped Filigree Silver Box, Padang-West Sumatra, Dutch East Indies, West Sumatra-Indonesia, Circa 1700.

  • An Ottoman Parcel-Gilt Silver Gun Powder Flask Holder Mounted with Fine Filigree Silver Work Encrusted With Corals & Turquoise Stones, The Balkans, Probably Prizren-Kosovo or Trebizond, Kosovo, Late 18th. – Early 19th.Century.

  • A Large Repousse Silver Footed Basin, Attributed to The Shirazi Silversmith Master Mahmoud Shirazi (محمود شيرازي), Shiraz-Iran, Circa (1892) A.D.

  • Hispano-Moresque Lusterware, A Rare Hispano-Moresque Ceramic Lusterware Charger, Valencia (Manises), Spain, Circa 1525-60 AD.

  • Batavian Silver, An Extremely Rare Silver Betel Nut Leaves Holder (Bunga,Tepak Sirih) Decorated With Bold Blossoming Lotus Flowers, Batavia, Indonesia, early 17 Century