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ALJ Antiques Ltd. is considered to be one of the very few quality Art dealers that generally specializes in Islamic and Indian Art in the city of London. Our collection of Islamic and Indian Art also covers the following main topics:- Ottoman, Arabic, Middle-eastern, North African, Indian, Mughal, Central & Southeast-Asian Artifacts. Our collection includes a wide variety of fine and rare objects. Whether you are searching for Arms and Armour, Ceramics, Glass, Orientalist Art that is made of different materials such as (Porcelain, Faience, Glass etc.,), Metalwork such as (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Brass, Copper, etc.), Jewellery, Manuscripts, Paintings, Carved Wood and Inlaid Furniture, Antique objects that are made of old Ivory, Tortoise Shell, Mother of Pearl, Horn and Textiles.

Our Friendly, Scholarly, Art Market Research and Analysis approach has made us fully aware of our clients and potential customer’s priorities and needs. We only select the finest, highly decorative and extremely beautiful artifacts to sell to our discerning clients and customers. Our carefully and ethically selected collection comes mainly from the Western Art Market. We take extra care in all our business practices starting from the acquisition of the artifact, the research, careful handling, maintaining of the artifacts if required by a selected and very reputable artist restores in the UK, photography, great presentation to our artifacts and our necessary advice is given to our valued customers of the best ways possible of preserving their valued collection. Our perseverance and immaculate attention to details is second to none. Our goal is to make you our clients and customer pleased with your purchase and we will stop at nothing to get there.

We encourage you to check the main topics available at the top of our home page screen such as, our monthly new items, inventory, and testimonials to see some of our close clients who have been pleased with their strong relationship with our company. When you receive your antique from us, we encourage you to leave a comment as well so that other customers can read about your positive experience with us, your valued opinion can help us to achieve our clients goals and will also help our business to grow and flourish. Our unique inventory is always shifting, expanding and growing and we hope that you will be able to find something to fill your fancy. If not, check back soon and we will have more materials in. Whether you are purchasing antiques as an investment or to beautify your home, we encourage you to turn to us for all your antiquing needs. Our service ethic is second to none and you can rest assured that you are in the hands of a very reliable Islamic and Indian Art dealer in the United Kingdom. We wish to establish with you a great relationship and we also wish that you keep coming back to us and to recommend us to your friends or family who are interested in buying Islamic and Indian Art.

If you are looking for a particular object or if you have a general inquiry, we welcome you to get in touch with any questions you might have. Just send along an email- you can find our contact info at the (contact) link on the top of the page. We realize that you may have a large range of suppliers when it comes to antiques and would like to thank you for your business, which we value immensely. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you happy shopping and look forward to serving you again, very often in the future. Finally we wish to reiterate that each and every one of our precious artifacts are one hundred percent guaranteed genuine and we very much look forward to the chance to help you find the perfect antique you have been longing to have with us. Thank you.


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